Lymphoma Working Group


Lymphoma Working Group Chairs: Dr. Erin Reid, University of California, San Diego and Dr. Ariela Noy, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


Lymphoma Working Group Members: Dr. Juan Carlos Ramos, University of Miami; Dr. Amy Chadburn, Northwestern University; Dr. Ariela Noy, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center; Dr. Timothy Cooley, Boston Medical Center, Dr. William Wachsman, University of California, San Diego; Dr. Paul Rubinstein, John H. Stroger, Jr., Hospital of Cook County; Not in photo: Ms. Claire Rappaport, AMC Community Representative

The AMC has implemented and completed several seminal studies which have clearly changed the way in which patients with AIDS-related lymphoma (ARL) are treated, moving the field forward in a step-wise manner over the years, with the results of one study leading us toward the next hypotheses, studies and results. The modest effects of HAART on cyclophosphamide clearance suggested that careful monitoring should be incorporated into trials using higher doses of cyclophosphamide, as in the transplant setting. Nonetheless, the study showed that combination chemotherapy could be used safely with concomitant HAART.

The current goals of the Lymphoma WG are to:

1. Determine the optimal treatment of patients with AIDS-related lymphoma and Hodgkin’s disease, within the context of highly active anti-retroviral therapy.

2. Determine biologic correlates of disease and of response to therapy in patients with AIDS-related lymphoma and HD, in order to ascertain future targets for development and testing of innovative new therapies for affected patients.

3. Determine any biologic or clinical differences between AIDS-related Burkitt’s lymphoma when diagnosed in the USA versus other regions of the world.




Current Protocols:

AMC-068 Randomized, Phase II Trial of CHOP vs. Oral Chemotherapy with Concomitant Antiretroviral Therapy in Patients with HIV-Associated Lymphoma in Sub-Saharan Africa
AMC-085 A Phase 1/2 Study Examining AVD and Brentuximab Vedotin in Patients with HIV and Advanced Stage Hodgkin's Lymphoma
AMC-086 / 9177 Phase II Study of Dose-Adjusted EPOCH+/- Rituximab in Adults with Untreated Burkitt Lymphoma, C-Myc Positive Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma and Plasmablastic Lymphoma
AMC-097 A Phase I Study of Stem Cell Gene Therapy for HIV Mediated by Lentivector Transduced, Pre-Selected CD34+ Cells
AMC-S004 Clinical and Genomic Factors for Prognosis of Primary Effusion Lymphoma