Laboratory Working Group

Dr. Richard Ambinder, Chair, AMC
Laboratory Working Group

From left to right: Dr. William Wachsman, Dr. Michelle Rudek, Dr. Richard Ambinder, Dr. Raman Venkataramanan, Dr. Jan Beumer, Dr. Ethel Cesarman, and Dr. Stephen Erickson.

The Laboratory Working Group has two separate, but related missions. The first is to provide the necessary laboratory support to the other working groups of the AMC (e.g. Lymphoma Working Group, Kaposi’s Sarcoma Working Group, and Human Papillomavirus Working Group). The Laboratory Working Group actively helps develop the many clinical protocols of these other groups. The second mission of the Laboratory Working Group is to gain an understanding of and define the special viral, pathologic and serologic aspects of malignancy in HIV patients.

The current responsibilities of the Laboratory WG are to:

1. Provide histopathology review for AMC clinical trials.

2. Guide the development of protocols including laboratory endpoints.

3. Determine which proteins and genes (including viral proteins, genes) in blood and tumor specimens will help diagnose tumors, monitor response to therapy, and predict clinical outcomes(also known as biologic correlates or biomarkers).

4. Assist in the assessment of drugs in the treatment of malignancies in HIV patients and possible interactions with drugs used in the treatment of HIV.



Current Protocols

AMC-064 Evaluation of Clonal Ig DNA in Plasma from Patients with Aggressive B-cell Lymphomas
AMC-079 Quantification of HIV-1 Reservoirs in HIV-Positive Persons Receiving Response-Adapted Therapy for Stage III-IV Hodgkin Lymphoma: A Companion Protocol to SWOG Protocol S0816 (AMC-073)